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Electro-Materials BG Profile

Founded in 1974, Doosan Electro-Materials BG is a holding company of Doosan Group. While creating value for customers, Doosan Electro-Materials BG has constantly been increasing as a copper clad laminate (CCL) company.

Sales has been continued to grow over the past five years. Sales of physical growth also mean but viewed from the sales of the product configuration is more meaningful in that our Sales portion of High-End product grow from 11% to 42%. Doosan Electro-Materials, expanding its business territory to next generation display, is also expected as Global No.1 in OLED materials industry.

Our vision is not limited to domestic market only. By our cutting edge technology and recognized expertise in overseas market, more than 50% of ours sales come from overseas. Global Sales network, subsidiaries and branches, are always open to customers. In 2011, Global Leader beachheads have been more secured from foundation of Changshu factory, China.

I dare to say that in next five years Doosan Electro-Materials will be World Top 3 in terms of scale comprehensive and World top 1 in terms of product configuration. Our Doosan people have dedicated themselves to be the best and it will naturally lead the progress.

We do not settle for the present technology and current business domain. Based on our World Top level technology in production of CCL and OLED materials, we expand into related electro material industries by making value added effort.

Doosan people are happy and want to work through a strong corporate culture Doosan Way. It is confident that our people with Doosan way can create the Global No.1 Product.

Finally, it makes us to move one step forward with our customer by constant effort toward technology and exceptional customer service.

Yours Truly,

CEO Mr. Lee

Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials BG