The largest ED copper foil manufacturer outside Asia recently announced that Raymond Gales, actual CEO,  will retire as of July 31. Raymond Gales has been working for more than 36 years with Circuit Foil and was CEO since 2014. Under Raymond Gales’ leadership, Circuit Foil increased its focus on high-end applications. Significant investments have already been made in order to further cope with ever increasing demands for such markets. Circuit Foil recently announced new copper foil types for advanced applications and is closely evaluating new opportunities linked to automotive and battery applications. Based on these moves, the foundation for Circuit foil ‘s development are laid down.

As of August 1, Fabienne Bozet will take over the position as Chief Executive Officer. With more than 25 years of experience in Circuit Foil as CFO, she is well prepared for this challenge. Her mission is to further develop Circuit Foil and to continue the growth of additional speciality foils. The objective is to become the best copper foil supplier for high end applications worldwide.

Sales Division will now be led by the experienced François Bottazzi, who’s with Circuit Foil for more than 30 years.

Client focus will continue to be the cornerstone of the new management.