Circuit Foil is a global company with a prestigious reputation for its manufacturing of high-quality electrodeposited copper foils for the electronics industry, targeted primarily at laminators and printed circuit board manufacturers.

From its corporate headquarters in Luxembourg, Europe, the company distributes and markets its diverse range of products through an expansive network of service centers, sales companies and agents to customers in Asia, throughout Europe and North and South America. This comprehensive network ensures global availability of Circuit Foil's products, while local geographic presence in key markets guarantees responsiveness to customer needs and "JIT" product deliveries.
Circuit Foil has achieved its worldwide reputation for premier quality products and superlative service by maintaining an acutely focused perception of the rapidly growing and changing market needs. Customer service remains at the heart of Circuit Foil's strategy throughout its entire global structure.

Our Goals

Circuit Foil's goal for the future is to continue to offer the highest quality products to an evolving and expanding global market.
Setting exhaustive standards and taking pride in exceeding expectations commit our team to offering the highest quality products and customer service. Our goal is not only to satisfy our customers' needs, but to outstrip our competitors' performance levels.