This is the challenge the Circuit Foil team rises to everyday. Product innovation within the company has arisen from, and is driven by, customer requests. By responding to the demands of the market and listening to customer needs, Circuit Foil is continuously adaptable in providing products for a diverse range of demanding applications for key electronic product manufacturing sectors.
As an example - The demand for high density small "form factor" packaging for portable electronic equipment is driving PCB substrate technology rapidly forward and Circuit Foil is meeting the challenge head- on. DOUBLETHIN ® is a family of products consisting of advanced ultra-thin 2, 3 and 5 µm electrodeposited copper foils, supported on a mechanically peelable 18 or 35 or 70 µm copper carrier foil. This product is able to provide PCB manufactures with an "entrée" into current "cutting- edge" PCB manufacturing arenas, such as BUM (Build- Up- Multilayer) and micro via interconnectivity, using direct laser drilling techniques by offering an extensive family of copper foil types for use on a variety of substrates.

Tailor made versions of such ultra-thin, peelable copper foils have been developed for the emerging techniques like coreless built-up and for embedding of active and passive devices.


At Circuit Foil, we believe that customer satisfaction goes hand in hand with partnership. Our philosophy is to establish and maintain strong, long- term personalized relationships based on mutual trust. We're in this together.
We're customer driven, with you, the customer, considered first in all aspects of our operations. We are all focused on your needs, to establish strategies for improved processes and new product developments. Listening to you helps us to target your individual requirements and expectations.
Our goal is to establish mutually beneficial unique and effective partnerships, with customers as well as suppliers. This means integrating our business goals and strategies, developing action oriented relationships, sharing information, and understanding the cost of doing business together. Communication is paramount. At Circuit Foil, we have identified key contacts, between our clients and ourselves.
By implementing ongoing strategies to collect customer satisfaction comments via surveys and visits, we have immediate feedback as to our performance. This information provides a wealth of knowledge to help us improve quality, cost controls and enhance service. We're listening.
Circuit Foil remains flexible to evolving needs. The creation of methodologies to systematically discuss current and future technology requirements, market conditions and business objectives is part of the successful partnering process. This enables us to better assist our customers in achieving their strategic investments. Circuit Foil is an active member of its partnerships, participating in a wide variety of joint R & D projects together with our customers and renowned research institutes in the United States and Europe, , as well as our own R & D department. Circuit Foil also participates in and benefits from European Union sponsored R & D programs. Partnership brings a range of benefits and advantages, such as reciprocal training, on- going education programs, increased productivity and the integration of information and communications systems. In addition, non- value elements such as shortened new product development cycles and the creation of technological links can improve efficiency and help maintain our World Class Manufacturing status.