Our Sheeting and Tooling Service is offering a customized "fast-track response" service focused to serve the requirements of PCB users.
The flexibility of our "service center" approach, our closeness to the end-users, our requirements together with our market dominance as a major copper foil manufacturer provide a unique service to our customers.
Our innovative approach to new product developments, meeting the constantly increasing demands of the industry, our recognized technological strength and our adaptability to respond to our customers' immediate needs, enhance our ability to rapidly react to a more and more globalized market.

High-quality conversion

  • Sheeting, punching and packaging in clean room areas.
  • A high level of automation minimized mechanical handling guaranteeing a defect-free product.
  • Customized packaging maintains high product quality and reliability for the final user.

Tooling to customer specifications

We provide a customized punching facility for tooling and registration holes offering:

  • "In-line" punching for long-run product volumes.
  • "Off-line/Batch" punching for lower volume or prototype quantities.

Specifications of the copper foils

The target of Circuit Foil is to supply PCB manufacturers with a comprehensive range of electrodeposited copper foils at the leading edge of technology at market competitive prices, with superlative product quality.

  • Thickness of unsupported copper foil from 9µ through 210µ
  • Ultra Thin 2, 3, 5, 7 & 9µ copper foil on a mechanically peelable carrier
  • Standard, High Temperature Elongation and Very Low Profile base foil characteristics
  • Reverse treated foils
  • Ultra Flat Profile Foils
  • Special treatment for use on a wide range of bonding substrates
  • Resin-coated copper foils for High Density Interconnect multilayer boards and other special applications

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