Circuit Foil is a responsible company that understands that every action triggers a reaction. Of paramount importance for all of us is to maintain a safe and healthy environment, not only for our employees but also for the surrounding community.

As a manufacturer of copper foil, we have a vital responsibility in ensuring that the environment remains unharmed by our process. Great emphasis is placed on cleanliness and orderliness throughout the facilities, which, together with fully documented working procedures, and adherence to stringent control by every member of our team through every stage of every process, ensures that no actions we take will adversely impinge on our precious and vulnerable environment.

Circuit Foil has adapted internal standards that far exceed legal requirements. A real-time monitoring and control system has been established throughout the production process and at the critical and all-important final stage of the effluent plant, where discharge of treated waste water occurs. The aim of the system is to recycle as much water as possible. The company also makes a considerable effort towards the control of air emission and noise levels.


Latest downloads available:

Date Description
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01/24 2017 Reach regulation statement  Download
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03/01 2017 RoHS Compliance Statement  Download
12/07 2015 Certificate ISO9001-ISO14001-OHSAS18001 - English  Download
12/07 2015 Certificate ISO9001-ISO14001-OHSAS18001 - German  Download
12/07 2015 Certificate ISO9001-ISO14001-OHSAS18001 - French  Download
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