Circuit Foil produces a full range of quality foils to meet the requirements of today's and tomorrow's electronics industry. A stringent product quality control is performed throughout the manufacturing. All vital production parameters are automatically monitored. 

Circuit Foil has developed a comprehensive quality system which has been recently ISO 9001:2015 certified.

KC = Known Consignor : (chargeur connu) is a consignor who sends cargo or mail to his or her own account and whose procedures comply to a sufficient degree with common security rules and standards that such cargo or mail may be carried by any type of aircraft => fight against malicious acts in civil aviation.
N° CFL : LU/KC/00003-01

AEO (OEAF in French) : Authorised Economic Operator => trust label in our relations with customs and recognition on the international scene.
N° CFL : LU AEOF 2018045

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Latest downloads available:

Date Description
11/22 2016 Quality Policy - EN-FR  Download
11/23 2018 Certificate ISO9001-2015 until nov 2021 (ENG)  Download
11/23 2018 Certificate ISO14001-2015 until nov 2021 (ENG)  Download
11/23 2018 Certificate OHSAS18001-2007 until mar 2021 (ENG)  Download
05/13 2019 AEO Authorisation  Download
05/13 2019 Known Consignor FR  Download