Cultivating People




Social Responsibility



Circuit Foil’s people are our greatest asset ant the key to our future.
They are at the heart of all our achievements.
Our continued and distinguished success will only be possible through developing and cultivating our talent.
Our People possess great capacity, willingness and drive to contribute to the Company.
They are relentless in enhancing their skills and capabilities.
They embrace our Core Values and demonstrate these beliefs and principles in their daily behaviors.

Cultivating People

Cultivating people is our highest priority and a shared responsibility.
Attracting and recruiting the right talent, who understand and embrace our values, will be the foundation for developing our people.
We believe people develop and grow through performance at work and we give them the authority and responsibility that best match their capabilities.
Through experience, people develop to their maximum potential.
Fair and immediate feedback and recognition are offered as we believe this is central to self-development.
Our People are given the opportunity to develop their strengths and address areas for improvement.
As a result, Circuit Foil people are proud of who they are and respected as business professionals.

Integrity and Transparency

Integrity and transparency are fundamental Circuit Foil strengths.
We make profit by creating value through fair and transparent activities.
We acknowledge our mistakes and keep our promises.
We never compromise our principles.


Inhwa best expresses who we are and provides us with a unique competitive edge.
We define Inhwa as teamwork in the truest sense of the word, grounded upon fairness and camaraderie.
Inhwa means we maximize our organizational strength and potential through true teamwork built on defined, transparent rules of fair play.
Selfish rivalries between individuals or departments have no place at Circuit Foil and discrimination of any kind is not tolerated.
Inhwa means each individual contributes to the success of their colleagues and team, resulting in both excellent team and individual performances.
Inhwa also means we are open; Circuit Foil welcomes proactive ideas and constructive criticism from everyone, regardless of seniority or position.


Our customers are the reason Circuit Foil exists.
The true measure of Circuit Foil’s success is our customers’ satisfaction and respect.
Our goal is to always deliver superior value than our competitors.
We achieve this by understanding our customers’ needs and meeting or exceeding their expectations.

Technology and Innovation

Embracing world-class technology and innovation is vital to our survival.
Tomorrow drives today at Circuit Foil; we always look to the future instead of the past.
We strive to understand, and stay ahead of changes.
We continuously seek to improve our business model, products, services and methods.
We celebrate and properly reward successful risk-taking, while also respecting valuable attempts that fail.
Circuit Foil applauds the spirit of challenge over complacency.
Our future success will be driven by seeking breakthrough ideas, knowledge, technologies and resources, regardless of their origin, either internal or external.


Profit measures our success and drives our growth.
Our profit must exceed our capital cost and be sufficient to fuel our continuous growth and investment.
Our People understand how the work they do contributes to Circuit Foil’s profit.
We recognize that long-term success is built by respecting the rights of our suppliers, distributors and partners to earn fair profits.

Social Responsibility

Creating a socially responsible enterprise is our duty to society.
We see business and society as a close partnership
and an opportunity for mutual growth.
Circuit Foil will be proactive in this partnership,
contributing the time and resources required for success.
Our goal is to develop and grow alongside society, as a trusted and trustworthy partner.
Wherever we operate, we do so transparently and lawfully.
We aim to contribute to the development of talent in society.
Our community service activities promote both corporate and social development.



& Safety

Circuit Foil provides clean, safe and healthy working environments meeting the highest standard requirements.
This is the basis for superior productivity as well as being our responsibility to our people, their families, our customers and shareholders.
Environmental protection is our duty and obligation to interested parties where Circuit Foil does business.

All these aspects contribute to the greatest value creation.